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Synology create volume

Synology create volume


Create new volume

Adding One Disk to Synology

You can see above Volume 1 which is what I am attaching this SSD Cache too. I am a new person to Synology and I used Volume 1 for both CIFS and ...

Synology DiskStation DS1515+ Review – Adding new Hard Drive to Expand Storage Capacity

Synology DSM 6.1 SS 01 Storage 2

Synology DSM 6.1 SS 01 Storage 9

If you did not tick this option, next time your Synology NAS starts, you will need to click Mount (at Control Panel > Shared Folder > Encryption), ...



Synology DS916+ Volume Confirm Settings Synology DS916 Volume Creatin

Synology DSM 6.1 SS 02 User group 1

Create RAID DiskGroup and Volume synology

Arrange access privileges for the users or groups:


How do I remove a disk from a Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) Vol

To use 2-disk redundant SHR, you will need 4 drives in minimum to create the volume. If you want to expand a 2-disk redundant SHR volume, the new storage ...

If you ticked this option, you can select the target folder and click Unmount (at Control Panel > Shared Folder > Encryption) to unmount the folder, ...

How does SHR maximize storage?

If you ticked this option, you can select the target folder and click Unmount (at Control Panel > Shared Folder > Encryption) to unmount the folder, ...

How does SHR maximize storage?

Synology DS916 Volume Perform Disk Check

When a hard drive fails, Synology lets you know about it by loudly beeping at you. On top of that, you'll get warnings about a “degraded” volume.

Click the “Manage” button at the top of the window.

To create desktop shortcuts:

Synology DSM 5.0 Demo: how to create a 1 Petabyte Scale-out Cluster

2017-07-03 16_56_57-RLPNAS02 - Synology DiskStation

... sets up the NAS according to what it expects to be the most common case: both drives are RAIDed together in a single Disk Group with a single Volume ...

Synology DSM 6.1 SS 01 Storage 11

So you can have a disk failing and stacking up bad sectors, but you'd never know it. So that was yet another thing I learned, and I have now enabled that ...


Synology DS216j – Software 14 Synology DS216j - Software 16

Expanding with larger disks with SHR

Create Volume on Synology for Unifi Controller

Create volume share folder and user Synology

2017-07-03 16_48_23-RLPNAS02 - Synology DiskStation

Having a NAS device without any storage available to the network is pretty worthless, so the next step is to create a new volume (or volumes) to share.

Through CMS, you can manage all aspects of the other NASes, including installing and removing appliances, volumes, etc. If you have multiple Synology ...


Enter your username and password and click Sign in.

Synology Hybrid Raid Fail to Expand Volume

Synology NAS Software Guide – Part 2 – Storage, Volumes, RAID and Pools

Volumes are a NAS server's storage units. As such, you will have to create a volume before anything else.

Synology DS1512+ with failed hard drive that has been replaced - secondary drive to soon fail

Create a File Share on a Synology NAS

Image of Web Station Menu

... but if I know I have a bad drive, can't I just replace the drive now and get on with the recovery process? Unfortunately, no. Synology support ...

We'll get to the disk configuration in a second, but I decided to set up some other things first. Before you do anything else, make sure you update the ...

How to move applications from one volume to another on Synology – Costigator

Step ...

Go to Volume and click to Create.

Synology ...

In the following screenshots, we can see just how such a container is created, and what information from the encrypted file in it can be displayed directly ...

Let's create a SSD cache. It is created via the Storage Manager.

Menu ถัดลงมาจะเป็น Volume ซึ่ง Menu นี้จะจัดการเกี่ยวกับการ Create Volume ขึ้นมาใช้งาน ซึ่งจะการ Create Volume ก็จะคล้ายๆกับการ Create Drive C, ...

Once that is done you drop out of the wizard and watch the status screen to see when your volume is up and running. In this case to build a RAID5 volume ...

In the middle of creating a volume and "verifying hard disks". Is it safe to log out of the webadmin and log in later? Please see screenshot : synology

The next step to setting up is initiating the Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) volume, and in order to proceed, the drives will have to be re-formatted.

I decided to go with the default Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) setting for the disk array. It's somewhat like RAID 5, so my 12TB would become closer to 9TB ...

Step ...


The volume on the Synology DS1517+ was using the Btrfs filesystem, and tests using both RAID-5 and RAID-6 came roughly equal results.

Next, you must enter the DiskStation info, such as password and server name, while it is also possible to choose whether or not you would like to create a ...

... Synology-DS918-Screens05 Synology DS918+ 4 Bay NAS Review ...

Synology Degraded Mode Repair 2

Adding Unifi Controller Ports to Synology Firewall

Create Virtual Raid - Synology DS209 NAS Raid0

Synology DSM Interface

The guiding hand of the wizard.

Since the parity check was no longer running, the "Manage" button became active, and I was able to add the new drive to the volume and start the repair ...

Create a shared folder

You'll need to generate Amazon S3 keys for this to work. Keep them safe since you will probably need them to restore the backup somewhere new.

2017-07-03 16_51_29-RLPNAS02 - Synology DiskStation


There's even growing support for Apple's iPhone, with three Synology apps - DS audio, DS photo and DS cam - providing remote mobile access.

synology storage solution 2

After the file set is created, I create the job and set the client to the system I setup for backing up the Synology and choose the new file set I created.

Advanced Synology NAS User Guide

Initialise the SSD Cache volume with the existing desired storage volume

How to replace new HDD and repaire Volume 1 Degraded in Synology DS416

Read more

2. ขั้นตอนต่อไปให้ทำการคลิกที่ปุ่ม Start ซึ่งสัญลักษณ์คล้ายๆกับปุ่ม Start ของ Window นั่นเอง ซึ่งอยู่ด้านบนซ้ายของหน้าจอ หลังจากนั้นให้ทำการคลิกที่ Icon ...

In this case to build a RAID5 volume spanning three 2TB drives it took a little over 30 minutes start to finish.

During the demonstration in Amsterdam, Synology showed us a video in which Synology employees used Scale-out Cluster to create a volume of 1 petabyte (1000 ...

Synology Storage Manager on DSM

As you can see I've already created a few folders for usage and upcoming posts, but luckily I still have more to create. For this demonstration I'll be ...

Install DSM

Synology DiskStation DS1812+ 8 BAY NAS Server

Volumes are a NAS server's storage units. As such, you will have to create a volume before anything else.

DS918 Review - Samsung NVMe SSD Setup

Once the drives are set up, you can add applications called packages to expand the capabilities of the Synology DiskStation DS712+.

Chapter Host Websites, Email Server, and Chapter 10: Printer Server 10 Synology DiskStation

Synology and Android: Everything you need to know


Moreover, it is specially designed for a variety of purposes, allowing you to perform


Synology DS715 DSM OS - RAID Rebuild

Combination DS1010+ - DX510 volume

enter image description here

Always shut down your Synology when changing hard drive configurations. (OK, some Synologys support hot-swapping, refer to your Synology's specs.